CLHStat Frequently Asked Questions

CLHStat is designed to give physicians and medical providers up-to-the-minute stat notifications and easy access to lab information. Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Account Information

  1. Install the app from the iTunes App Store, login with your CLH account, and establish a PIN for quick access.
  2. Vist the CLH portal and register for an account today.
  3. Your email address is essential for account management. It allows you greater flexibility in managing your own account and provides CLH a way to contact you if an issue should arise. CLH requires each account to have a unique email address for security purposes. CLH respects your privacy and will only send email to advise you of changes to your account.
  4. CLHStat provides you access to protected health information (PHI) and requires a PIN for access. You must enter your PIN whenever you launch the app, bring it back to the foreground, or after a period of 15 minutes.
  5. Go to the forgot password page and follow the instructions.
  6. You set your CLH Account PIN when you install CLHStat. You can change your PIN access code in the app or by visiting the My App Access page on the CLH Portal website.

Test Results

    • Make sure you have notifications enabled and an internet connection.
    • Confirm you are the provider that ordered the test with a Stat priority.
    • Contact us if you need further assistance.
    • The Lab Results view will show you final Stat test results for the last 90 days.
    • You have the option to move a result to the Archive for safekeeping or to discard it in the Trash.
    • Results saved to the Archive will be available for 1 year.
    • Contact us if you need further assistance.
  1. Open your Trash and move the items to your Archive. Deleted items stay in your Trash for 30 days. After that time, items will be permanently deleted. Visit the CLHStat Help Center for more details.

Other Questions

  1. You need to have a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc) with an internet connection and a recent operating system version.
  2. Visit the CLHStat Help Center for tips on using the app or Contact us if you need further assistance.