Identity Verification Help

Thank you for your interest in the myClinicalLabs patient portal.

Each patient must complete identity verification before results are released to the patient portal. A United States postal address and Social Security Number (SSN) are required for online identity verification. If the patient cannot complete online identity verification there is an alternate approach.

Patient identity verification:
The patient can send two pictures:
  1. Photo ID showing first name, last name, date of birth, and signature
  2. A separate photo of the patient’s hand written signature for comparison
The patient can fax the pictures to 808.679.4305 or email to
Note: Unencrypted email is not a secure form of communication and there is some risk that individually identifiable health information or other sensitive or confidential information contained in such an email may be misdirected, disclosed to, or intercepted by unauthorized third parties
If the patient chooses to fax, send a courtesy email to to check the fax machine (to expedite processing).

Need help?
Call 808.679.4222 if you need assistance. Additional contact information and support hours can be found on the Clinical Labs of Hawaii patient portal contact page.

For COVID-19 results you may:
  1. Get COVID Results to Patient (RTP) - Request COVID Results to Patient (RTP) notifications. No patient portal account is required.
  2. COVID Report Search (in the patient portal) - Sign in and visit the COVID Report Search page for details regarding this option.
  3. Request secure email of results - Please contact the Clinical Labs of Hawaii Client Services department for details regarding this option.

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